"The biggest challenge was just staying organized in a way that all the key people knew what was happening. Make Ready Manager was very easy to install and set up. We exported the unit information from our database and had it imported ready for use in just a few minutes. We went from using multiple spreadsheets and a lot of phone time to Make Ready Manager which has all the information in one location that is shared across multiple offices. We no longer have to track down individuals to see if something has been done. We can just check the program. Make Ready Manager has greatly improved our organization of turnover which has made us more efficient."

Michael Rapp (Campus Property Management)

"“Turning apartments to get them ready for new residents, especially in the student housing market, takes an incredible amount of time and effort to organize. Make Ready Manager not only reduces the amount of time and effort, it organizes all the information for you making the process more simple and efficient.”

Joel B. (Granite Management)

"“I like that Make Ready Manager has the ability to track each step in the turn process, which can be tracked either very broadly or by each individual task. It allows my colleagues and I to effectively manage what tasks were assigned to whom and when they are expected to be done.”

Dean Bellas (Capstone On-Campus Management)

“We, as a division, were struggling with having all vacant units prepared for the next tenant move in. We were facing unit work not being complete by the time of move in. This software is very user friendly and easy to train other users on. I encourage other Residential Management companies to try it. We have been able to easily track what work needs to be completed at each property. The Make Ready Board is readily at our fingertips and makes it very convenient to have work lined up. We have cut down on the times that a new tenant is at the property for move in and the unit not being ready. This has also helped us be able to track major work that is being done at a particular property and have information for an owner.”

Kimya Drake (Hall & Associates)

“I absolutely love the software and it has made my job so much easier. In the past I would have to spend time making my own spreadsheets and then find that I still needed to have a whiteboard.”

Danielle M. (Jamespoint Mgmt)

Their success can be your success.-Make Ready Manager